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Nomination Form

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Nominees should (1) be at least 21 years old, (2) have been retired at least three months, or
have been out of the particular field or category for which he/she is being nominated at least
three months,

Name of Nominee:

Nomination Category (Choose One)


The categories of administrator, coach, player, and official are included on the nomination
form and the appropriate category should be indicated on the form. Coaches would be considered
on the merits of their high school or middle school coaching achievements, officials
on the basis of their service as a high school official, middle school and administrators on
the merits of their service as a high school or middle school administrator.
All nomination forms will be kept on file at the Carter County office for three years. After that
period of time, they will no longer be considered as a nominee for the Carter County Sports
Hall of Fame, unless another nomination for that candidate is received, according to the
above criteria.

Nominee's Current Address:


Place of Birth: Date of Birth:



Schools Attended (please give name of school, year graduated and degree received):

High School:


Post-Graduate School:

Career Description as High School Administrator, Coach, or Official. (Give complete
background and information pertaining to involvement in athletics as a coach, player,
official, or administrator.)

Special Honors and Achievements        

Other information (not previously listed)

Individual Submitting Nomination:

Name: Phone:

Street Address:

City, State, Zip Code:

Signed: Date:

All information on this form must be completed and supporting letters or
recommendation received by August 30 for the candidate to be considered for
the following year.